4 Things you Should Never Buy Online

4 Things you Should Never Buy Online

Online shopping has made it possible to buy almost anything at any given from any corner of the world. The Internet has emerged as the biggest shopping mall for everyone with millions of online buying sites specifically dedicated to offering quality products to audience round the clock. Online purchase can be made after carefully comparing process, searching and applying coupon codes and getting the products delivered right at the doorstep. There is nothing in making an online purchase but their few things which should be bought from online resources. These include:

1.      Art & decor items

Art & decor items don’t always resemble their true selves as shown or claimed on the e-commerce sites. The advent of the e-commerce portals has made it easier for the common user to pick up art pieces from online buying sites. Users can buy almost any kind of art pieces from the prominent artists to obscure one along with the decor items like lamps, rugs and pillows. However, these things should only be purchased from the offline stores or making a visit the dedicated stores for better reasons. Online purchases are usually met with a colour mismatch, improper details, hefty return fees and lack of chance of discovering any new products.

2.      Large appliances

Making an online purchase of electronics is one of the most common thing done online but it should be limited to small appliances. Buying smartphones and likewise small and light electronics are sensible but buying large appliances should be avoided at all costs. Buying from the offline store will allow users an opportunity to see the product up close and ask questions related to it from the attendants to get their doubts cleared. Secondly, it has been that users can get same discounts and delivery offers as found on the online buying sites right in any of their offline store. It is also less risky to shop from the offline store as shipping a big appliance happens to a risky process and any kind of uncovered shipping damage can result in paying a hefty restocking fee.

3.      Musical instruments

Buying any kind of musical instruments from online buying sites isn’t a sensible choice. A high-end musical instrument can cost not just hundreds but thousands of dollars which is a lot of money and spending such amount for a product which hasn’t been touch, heard or tested by the buyers isn’t a smart choice. Even going by the big brand names in the musical instruments industry to pick up the best isn’t good enough as the tone and playability of the instrument vary on a greater level.

4.      Groceries

Buying groceries from the online buying sites has become pretty common nowadays but it should also be avoided. Buying groceries from the local stores offer few advantages which can be derived from online purchases. Quality of groceries can’t be ascertained if bought online as you can’t check the food quality on your own. It has been found that making an online purchase of the groceries does help in saving time but it doesn’t result in saving money which most of the users believe.

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