5 Smart Ways to Determine Who to Follow Back on Social Media

5 Smart Ways to Determine Who to Follow Back on Social Media

For businesses, it becomes critical who they are following on the social media platforms, and it also impacts the perception of the social media followers about the brand. Therefore, businesses should remain selective while following back other on the diverse social media platforms ranging Facebook to LinkedIn. Every social media platform comes with its own set of regulations and limits and blindly following everyone back will only result in losing on the follow backs. On Twitter, a business can follow as many as 5000 other accounts while on the Facebook the limit is set at 7500. This means you can follow back almost everyone during the initial stage but that should be avoided as you don’t want to follow spammy and provocative account and other which doesn’t serve your purpose.

Here are few smart things to consider before you follow back anyone on social media.

Understand your target audience

At first, understand who is your ‘target audience’. Having the right social media followers can go a long way for your business to generate leads as well as new business prospects within a short while. Therefore, following someone back has to be done after careful understanding of the target audience. Otherwise, you will be left following someone from Canada while you have business within the United States and such thinking would help in achieving the business goals.

Get hold of the influencers within your industry

To grow the social media followers and to get recognition among the right channels and groups is to make use of such individuals who already command a certain level of the following of influence over the common folk within your industry. Such individuals in the social media are known as influencers and building a relationship with them will help your business get the desirable audience, conversion and follow backs with better success rates.

Influencers on social media can be anyone from the celebrities to the successful businessmen to journalists. Before choosing the right influencer for collaboration, go through their last 10 posts, measure the likes, comments, and shares by dividing it by the number of their social media followers. This will allow you to gauge their effectiveness in getting the right amount of traction for any post or media shared online.

Follow those who appear to be interesting

On social media, you can learn lot things from other people. Same goes true for a business, therefore, keep an eye out and start following those who appear to be interesting in their own right. Go through their profile; get to know about them, like what they do, what they post about and what concerns before following an interesting lot of the social media.

It should be noted that there is no rule regarding who to follow back and whom to not on the social media. But for a business using social media platform costs both time and money, so it has to be spent wisely on gaining right kind of social media followers who help in achieving the business goals.

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