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Next-Generation iPhone to Feature Curved Screen and Touch-Free iOS

by April 30, 2018

Each year speculation and rumours regarding the upcoming iPhones start becoming sensible to bizarre with time. However, some of the rumours have suggested that Apple is very much in favour of bringing two new technologies on its upcoming iPhone devices. It should be noted


Top 10 Hottest Tech Products and Gadgets Right Now

by April 20, 2018

Buying latest gadgets is always a good idea as it offers best of tech, usability and experience in a fold. It is sensible to opt for the new tech gadgets rather buying the old ones at a discounted price. It


Smart Apps to Help you Deal with Everyday Things With Ease and Simplicity

by March 22, 2018

There are simply  the uncountable amount of apps on both iOS and Android play stores to perform the daily useful task with ease. The Android mobile app market is filled with the widest range of apps which can monitor and


Top 5 Biggest Technology Brands in the World

by February 26, 2018

Today’s technology brands are running the whole world in a way that FMCG or other sector firms or multinational conglomerates have never been able to. Among the tech firms the electronic brands are taking huge leap by coming with such


The Top 5 Tech Gadgets you can Lay your Hands Right Now

by February 20, 2018

When you have too many options, then you get spoiled for the choice. When it comes to gadgets, we are also spoiled for choice in almost every other category but if when we opt to buy best new tech gadgets, then

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