Floral Foam Videos are Taking Over the Internet Like Never Before

Floral Foam Videos are Taking Over the Internet Like Never Before

Floral foam videos had become a rage on Instagram and internet altogether and bringing unwanted fame to this lowly considered element in the florist supplies. Instagram has been kind in bringing such videos right to the forefront to the million of the users through its Discovery page. Floral foam videos have just taken the fancy of the west but on a global scale where a huge number of people actively indulged in sharing and shooting reaction videos in response to it.

Everything you need to know about the floral foam

Floral foam has widely used as a prominent craft supply mainly used in the floral arranging tasks. Conventionally florist makes use of the floral foam to secure the cut flowers within the vessel. However, some of the budding creators of Instagram had come with the innovative use of this floral foam to use it as a highly absorbent and this brought some serious stardom on the Instagram.

It should be noted that the dry floral foam bought from the local craft shop or florist supplies does possess a malleable quality. When this foam is to put in the water then will start crunching and crumbling which makes it a great showpiece for some camera shooting. However, after becoming wet, this floral foam tends to become quite heavy and fragile. Apply a little bit of force or squeeze simply results in disintegrating the floral foam into slime.

Are we sacrificing the hygiene for fun?

The floral foam here is made up of the formaldehyde which isn’t much skin loving chemical in nature. Therefore it should be handled only by wearing gloves and should be used in a well-ventilated area. However not using gloves isn’t extremely harmful and this florist supply isn’t toxic as well for limited use.

The love with the spongy green brick

In the flower arrangements having a small spongy green brick placed at the bottom is a common sight but the recent rise in ten floral foam or slime videos has given it’s a newfound status. The slime created using this foam can last forever but given the right amount it can get back to original form as well, but videos are being made to show it being destroyed on a grand scale. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that watching people play with this slime is far more interesting than the slime itself. Some users have even found the sound of crunching and cracking foam when it is squeezed to be therapeutic in its fashion.

The viral craze of the slime videos was that some accounts had emerged on Instagram and YouTube explicitly publishing floral foam videos on a daily basis. This further took forward the online craze of the floral foam in the early months of 2018, and almost everyone got to see this lowly element among the florist supplies right to the moment and claim the crown of popularity due to the social media frenzy.

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