Next-Generation iPhone to Feature Curved Screen and Touch-Free iOS

Next-Generation iPhone to Feature Curved Screen and Touch-Free iOS

Each year speculation and rumours regarding the upcoming iPhones start becoming sensible to bizarre with time. However, some of the rumours have suggested that Apple is very much in favour of bringing two new technologies on its upcoming iPhone devices. It should be noted that these two technologies in question are very much in the early development stage which means it will take two to three years before we can see them debut in the future iPhones. These two technologies are the curved display and a completely touch-free interface for iPhone.

Curved display on an iPhone

The curved display isn’t a new thing on the smartphone as we have already seen it being flaunted on the premium Samsung devices and even Nokia has adopted this display for its flagship devices. The implementation of the curved screen on the Samsung Galaxy S Series for last few years has taken away the sheen from the iPhones. The new iPhone X did bring a stunning full-screen display for the users but the presence of the notch wasn’t appreciated by the majority of the audience as it hampered the multimedia experience on such a premium device.

Apple is trying to win over the target audience by equipping the future iPhones with the curved display which will essentially curve inward right from top to bottom in a gradual fashion. It might be more closure to LG flex devices in looks rather than Samsung Galaxy S devices.

A completely touch-free OS

Apple is also considering bringing a next level of revamping for the iOS on the upcoming iPhone. Its engineers are toiling hard to come up with a touch-free interface thereby allowing users to control their forthcoming iPhone through gestures. A completely gestures based iOS will be a delight for the Apple users, but sadly Apple comes second in implementing such technology on the smartphone. Samsung here takes the lead with its Air Gestures already brought on the Samsung Galaxy S4 device way back in 2014, and even Microsoft tinkered with the similar feature on the OS which allowed them to 3D touch like hover interface to the users.

When will we see these new features?

The upcoming iPhone certainly isn’t going to features any of these features. Bringing the touchless functionality on the iPhone will be a cool feature to hold but that it is questionable whether it is going to enhance the users’ experience or make it murkier. A number early prototypes and efforts by other prominent manufacturer have shown that having a touch-free interface doesn’t usually translate into an excellent experience for the users.

On the Android, this tech has certainly failed to live up the expectation, but when Apple does something, it becomes a phenomenon. Same goes true for the Face ID which was snubbed at the launch, and some users simply didn’t like it at all. But now the face unlock feature is being implemented on almost every others smartphone, and the majority has accepted it.

Similarly, it has been expected that Apple’s touch-free interface will afresh take on the OS design and it will not disrupt the user experience usually found on the touchscreen. The future iPhones will certainly bring a major boost in terms of features and functionality for the millions of Apple fans globally as well as bringing a tougher challenge for Android to compete against.

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