Oasis VR Portals are in Work to Provide a Seamless App Switching Experience

Oasis VR Portals are in Work to Provide a Seamless App Switching Experience

Virtual Reality has established itself as a serious domain with more and more tech firms, and game developers are coming up with new innovative and immersive experiences. However, the PlayStation virtual reality gamers still face one major happens to be clumsy and jarring experience whenever one has to launch, exist or even switch between different VR apps. Every other VR portal gives a different 2D interface whenever one has to perform any of these three tasks.

The recent Hollywood flick based on the VR gameplay world has brought a solution to this problem. And a company called Admix and Somnium Space has borrowed the VR portal name from the movie Ready Player One to develop the Oasis VR portal. This PlayStation virtual reality portal will allow users add even more portals to existing VR based games and apps thereby making its simple seamless to switch from one title to another without the need of going through the 2D menu.

Switching between apps is exciting

This new VR portal Oasis acts merely as a 3 dimension version of the hyperlink and makes it easier and simpler for the players to move through different apps. This ensures that players can jump or switch from app or game to another without ever leaving the rue virtual reality world. To showcase this capability of the Oasis developers had already released a sample video online which shows explicitly a player walking right into an elevator thereby going to the Somnium Space app and from there on clicking on another app they are able to zoom into through a breathtaking brief teleportation sequence. It is innovative, immersive and exciting at the same time which didn’t happen to be the case with the PlayStation virtual reality gaming in the past.

Bringing more features with time

Currently, users will only get the ability to transition from one game or app to another with Oasis VR portal. However, plans are underway to solve the interoperability issues when switching the apps and ultimately transform the whole PlayStation virtual reality experience. This firm is trying to keep the avatar’s customization intact regardless of the environment of gaming scenario they are in order to provide a whole virtual reality experience without any undue disruptions or distractions. Secondly, the coin conversion is another major issue which has to be dealt with when switching between different games and Oasis working on it to provide a concrete solution.

Play and earn in the virtual world

From a technical point the challenge for this relatively new firm is huge, but given the fact the PlayStation virtual reality segment is still in the budding stage it will allow them to get a substantial footprint within a few years of time. Somnium Space is already coming up with some exciting prospects on its VR portal through allowing users to hold real estate within its VR environment while on the other hand, Admix is monetizing the platform. It is allowing users to earn money from the real estate in the virtual world by selling or renting out the virtual ad space to the offline advertisers.

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