Tips for Parents to Counter Kids and Tech in the Same Vein

Tips for Parents to Counter Kids and Tech in the Same Vein

This is a digital age where interaction with the technology on day to day basis can’t be restrained both for the kids and parents. Here are some of the tips which will help parents in making the best of uses of technology around the kids.

Craft your very own media use plan

With kids around the media, consumption can go haywire causing pay huge internet or data bills at the end of the month. To make the best use of technology, internet opt for a balanced data plan which suffices your media needs without compromising the day to day activities.

Set limits and focus on the playtime

Nowadays kids and parents are seen more in using the digital technology at hand rather than spending quality time together or encouraging kids to perform outdoor activities. It is essential for the kids to spend some time in social interactions, bonding and learning rather being glued to the screens of the mobile or tablets. Parents should carve out a small time in the kid’s scheduled to go out play in the open and make some friends.

Be a good role model for the child

Kids are known to emulate and act just like their parents from the early age. Therefore it becomes highly essential for the parents to follow the same rules as they wish their kids to follow. The use of the modern day technology whether it is a smartphone, television, internet, live streaming or other should remain controlled by the kids so they can learn from their parents.

Create tech-free zones

It is widely seen that the modern families tend to indulge in overuse of technology which makes it a necessity to create tech-free zones within the household. Kids room should be made screen free, during meal times use of technology should be prohibited and at the social and family gathering use of modern-day gadgets to kept at the bare minimum. Do not keep the TV running in the background when not required and do charge the devices overnight away from the kid’s room as it will help in getting more family time and better sleep at the same time.

Choose apps for kids wisely

App stores both on the Android and iOS platform are filled with an innumerable number of choices. Finding the right app which happens to be educational and useful for the kids at the time might appear to a daunting task, but it will also help in making the best use of the technology. Social media should be a big no for the kids as but they insist on having it due to peer pressure then ensure that they are behaving properly both in the offline and online world. Put the privacy setting on the best level to ensure that your kids are safe online while interacting with friends, family members as well as others. Gaming apps are good for the development of the brain to make the right of use of this technology ensure that it doesn’t turn into an addiction.

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