Top 10 Breakthrough Technologies in 2018

Top 10 Breakthrough Technologies in 2018

Here are some of the most awe-aspiring and astonishing breakthrough technologies discovered so far in 2018.

1. 3-D Metal Printing

3D printing can easily be perched as the most innovative among the current technology trends. So far it has been restricted to the hobbyists and designer with their very own prototype machines, and a process was itself expensive and slow at the same time. Now it has become widely adopted, cheaper and more efficient in producing mass products than ever before.

2. AI for Everybody

AI in any form emerged as the top tech in 2018, and it brought the best of the machines learning to solve every day’s problems for the users on a grand scale. Current Ai based functionalities are easily offered for free by a number of major tech firms including Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Baidu, and others.

3. Babel Fish Earbuds

Language translation has been a huge barrier for the human kind without any concrete solution to the problem. Babel Fish Earbuds goes against the current technology trends comes up with an innovative solution which offers real-time user translation of any language. Supported by the app this device translates the conversation in real time and plays it aloud via phone.

4. Zero Carbon Natural Gas

Current technology trends also focused on coming up with a reliable solution to lower our dependence on the fossil fuels. Zero Carbon Natural Gas is the right step towards wherein a power plant works effortlessly to capture the carbon released by burning the natural gas. In short, it will be by cleaner than the coal.

5. Perfect Online Privacy

This is the best top tech 2018 which aims at strengthening the privacy through coming up with such a cryptographic tool which gets the necessary job done without revealing user’s personal information in return.

6. Material’s Quantum Leap

IBM has been successful in creating the world’s most powerful seven-qubit quantum computer. This computer will assist the scientists in finding more effective drugs and better ways to deal with any given disease.

7. Predicting Health’s Future

The top tech of 2018 could easily be this one. Scientist now can predict the any person’s health future and come up with the spot on prediction related to the onset of the heart disease or breasts cancer as well as the person’s IQ.

8. Pitting AI against one another

One of the top techs of 2018 includes the ability to pit two AI against one another. In other words, we can quickly get to see the battle between the two AI systems to creative more realistic and original sound and images that machines struggled for quite some time. This ability is a huge step for the robotics as well will be able to produce such machines which possess a particular kind of sense of imagination.

9. Artificial Embryos are finally here

Scientists have been able to make embryo-like structure by only using the structure from the stems cells rather than the eggs or sperm cells. This opens a new world for us where creating life will have a new beginning.

10. Smart City Envisioned

Smart city merely has failed to live up to their expectation so far. However current technology trends have brought a new lease of life in it as a Canadian firm is working closely with the government establish a Toronto neighborhood brimming with the cutting edge technologies.

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