Weird Things you Didn’t Know Virtual Reality was Being Used For

Weird Things you Didn’t Know Virtual Reality was Being Used For

Virtual reality is exciting, immersive and simply mind-blowing therefore it applications are rising with every passing day. Some major techs firms have already launched their own VR platform and virtual reality headset to get the major in this upcoming market. Most of the people think that virtual reality is mainly used for the gaming consoles, but many weird uses of the virtual reality have come to light which is offering this technology in a new, innovative and unexpected fashion. Here are strangest and weird ways VR is being used nowadays.

1. Stimulating the dreaded death experience

A death anxiety is excessively common among the terminally ill patients and to get over this condition a designer has designed a unique virtual reality headset. This headset merely stimulates the experience of the dying which is based on the testimony of the people who faced near-death experience and the way in which clinical process of dying is studied. This virtual reality headset will help such patients coming at ease as well as in terms with inevitable.

2. Hiding from Nazis with Anne Frank

A popular VR conceptualist is working on designing a dedicated VR program which will be focused on a particular World War II incident. Wearing the virtual reality headset users will be able to transform them into a fly sitting on the wall the Anne Frank’s house. Users will be witness to the anxiety, moments and environment which prevailed during the time her family tried to evade the Nazis. Some of the key moments will also be reenacted in this VR program while users will be able to hop on from one wall or surface to another to explore further.

3.  Getting your head chopped off

If you had pondered about how it would feel to get the head separated right from the body, then there is a bizarre VR app for that. Wearing the virtual reality headset user is taken back right to the French Revolution scene where public executions are made to please the audience. Users will be to look around, check the crowd’s reaction while waiting for the head to be snapped from the body. To get the exact feeling of being beheaded someone will have to be given the task of impacting the neck right at the moment the execution is carried out.

4. Making rollercoaster ride better than it already is

If you are bored of getting on the same old rollercoaster ride in your town, then there is virtual reality rig to spice things up. A theme park has started offering virtual reality headset to the riders to provide a whole new rollercoaster experience. In this scenario, riders simply go about piloting and steering the jet fighters that also in a space battle with aliens in the loop. Indeed, nothing can get more interesting that this while wearing a virtual reality headset on top of a roller coaster.

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